The Blast Addicts-The Best Addiction Out There

This band. Woah. This band is where it is at, people. To put it simply, this band of merry men rocks. They are the musical equivalent of ecstasy. The emotion, not the drug. Duh..

The Blast Addicts are composed of lead guitarist Mike Curtis, vocalist Jason Simpson, bassist Rich Kenefic, and David Thibodeau rockin’ on the drums. Of all the combinations this band has had since it took root in 2009, this is ‘the one’. These guys coalesce in a way that is so fun, and so potent.

Individually there is so much going on. Jason has this voice that could break glass-and I mean that in the most bad ass way possible. His range, style, presence, versatility, soul. He nails it every time. And then there’s Richie K. on bass who goes by flawless…because he is. David Thibodeau commands his drum set like a boss. But Mike Curtis brings it all together with his great, controlled leads and the perfect amount of crazy. They are all so fun to watch. And they seem to genuinely have a lot of fun performing together. Their presence fills a room.

Now I’ll admit, I don’t know a lot about much. But I do know this: this band is the only band doing what they’re doing. They are the only band playing pure dance music. Packing their set lists to the brim with songs from every era, for every generation to enjoy. They are giving the DJ’s a smack down on the dance floor, and I love it. We need more bands like this. They have such high energy, and they play all over the place. Not only that, but they put on an amazing show. Mike Curtis puts in 110%. Light shows, fog, fun props and signs. Pretty much all owned and/or created by Mike. Standing ovation for you, sir. I can’t think of any other local bands that have that much soul in them.

The ‘Could Be’s’. I want so much more for this band. There could be so much more for this band. But let’s be honest, this isn’t always the best area for music. Example: I saw these guys play Saturday night at Johnny’s in Old Town. I would love to say that it was packed and crowded, but it wasn’t. It was a poor turnout. Granted, Old Town isn’t the best place for a band of this stature, but then where is? Portland? There must be a better way for these guys to get the recognition they deserve. World domination could be in their future!

Next Saturday, April 11th at Chummies Bar in Ellsworth at 8PM. Be there and dance your bootay off. You won’t regret it. Nobody likes butts anymore anyways.


Hannah Barry

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